Why We Are Different

At LifeLens, we see things differently.

Ascent, is able to continuously collect precise data about your vital signs, your activities and movement, and the local environment you are exposed to daily. However, not all data is the same. We believe data collected must be accurate, trusted, and considered in the context in which it was taken. 

We also believe, your state of health can be accurately captured only when you live life as you normally do every day – while at work, attending yoga class, playing with your children … etc. The device you wear should not restrict your activities in any way. Ideally, the device capturing this information must be small, inconspicuous, and so comfortable to wear that you forget that information about you is being captured and analyzed in real-time. Only then can the captured data truly reflect your state of health in the context of living your life. Only then can feedback provided be personal, meaningful and actionable just for you. 

For us, user comfort is a critical requirement for any worn device. Ascent has been painstakingly designed to be so comfortable that most users forget they are wearing it. 

Want to know more, send us your questions: Info@LifeLensTech.com