Physician and healthcare professionals are increasingly relying on continuous vital sign monitoring to aid in diagnosing medical conditions and developing personalized treatment options for their patients.

Ascent is an advanced patch wearable that can accurately, in real-time and with clinical precision, sense, collect and analyze, data about your physiological state, your activities and movement, and the environment that you are exposed to daily. Armed with precise information, you and your physician can assess near-term medical conditions, long-term health trends, and take preemptive actions to support good physical and mental health.


Whether you are sweating-off pounds in spin class, hiking mountain trails in the Himalayas or are a professional athlete strength training for agility, Ascent will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our remarkable technology is lightweight, comfortable to wear, breathable, and inconspicuous. It is easy to use, water and dust proof, and designed to withstand sweat and strenuous body movement without losing functionality. With real-time data in hand, you can improve the efficiency of your workouts, target body areas that need improvement, and see first-hand how your determination results in a more competitive, more inspired you.


From monitoring the heartbeat and movement of an unborn child, to tracking the fever of a growing adolescent, to quietly noting the vital signs of your grandmother half way around the world, Ascent will help you keep a watchful eye on those you love.

Using learning algorithms, Ascent establishes a bio-metric signature of your loved ones and alerts you if the sensed data deviates from their historical trends. If the deviations are inexplicable you will be notified and can decide as the next best steps including seeking medical advice as soon as possible.


Ascent can accurately and continuously monitor the vital signs of a single soldier or an entire platoon. A commander can use this information to assess the readiness of his team prior to a mission, and fine-tune engagement tactics in real-time during a mission. Central command can ascertain real-time intelligence by analyzing the collective physiological response from a squad. Ascent can also be used as a field tool to capture and forward vital sign data of an injured soldier directly to emergency care doctors. When seconds make a difference, Ascent can aid in making better medical decisions and improving patient outcomes.


Stressed. Worn-out. Have external issues spilled into their work life? How will this affect their performance, the quality of the product they produce, or the interactions they have with your customers? Even worse, are they going to put themselves or others in their care in danger?

Your employees and their actions directly reflect the values of the company they work for. They represent and re-enforce the company’s brand. They are the biggest driver of business success and the biggest cause of business failure. Ascent can give you a subtle view into the health and wellness of your staff. It allows you (the employer) to address troublesome work-place related situations before they manifest into irreversible and costly issues.


Ascent is an invaluable examination tool designed to sense, collect, monitor and analyze an individual’s vital signs in real-time with clinical precision. Our technology, allows the researcher to quickly understand the links between cause and effects for human studies they direct.

Researcher involved with drug discovery, medical trials, neurological science, sports physiology, and others research areas can drastically cut the cost and time it takes to conduct complex multi-variable studies.