How the Technology Works

LifeLens has developed a personal bio-sensing wearable device unlike any other. Called Ascent, our technology, combines advancements in thin-film membranes, nanomaterials, and sensor miniaturization, to create the most comfortable bio-sensing wearable device in the world. Our patch technology can accurately, in real-time and with clinical precision, sense, collect and analyze, data about a user’s physiological state, their movement and activities, and the environment they are exposed to daily.

The technology consists of four primary components that work seamlessly together as a platform

The Patch – a disposable, single use, peel-and-stick, flexible, stretchable, medically-compliant, electrophysiological sensor that is the size of a typical bandage and thinner than scotch tape;

The POD – a rechargeable, reusable, sensing, and wireless communications module, that is roughly the size and weight of a five-cent coin. It attaches directly to the Patch;

The Nest – a case designed to store and recharge multiple PODs at a time; and

The Software Platform – a secure, intuitive, and engaging user interface to visualize the collected data, see historical trend, share and seek feedback, and manage rights access to the collected data.

The Patch is applied directly to the user’s skin near what needs to be measured (e.g., chest for EKG, head or neck for sleep, abdomen for respiration). The POD affixes directly to the Patch. Using the LifeLens mobile application, the POD is paired to a mobile Bluetooth device. From within the mobile application, the user selects what parameters they wish to monitor and the data immediately starts streaming to their BT device (mobile phone or pad device). When finished, the Patch is removed from the skin by simply peeling it off.  The Patch is discarded and the POD is placed in the Nest for recharging and reuse. 

Over time and with regular use, Ascent, constructs a personal health signature that is unique to you. Our proprietary real-time algorithms compare newly collected data against your established health signature. If the newly collected data is inconsistent with our historical trends, Ascent immediately alerts you so that you can take preemptive steps and investigate the deviation. 

Ascent empowers you with self-awareness – offering you an intuitive platform to actively monitor, rationally predict and aggressively manage your personal health, activity level and overall wellness. 

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