Meet LifeLens

Dedicated to creating healthcare technologies that improve the human condition.

Our Technology Platform


LifeLens has developed a personal bio-sensing wearable device unlike any other. Called Ascent, our technology combines advancements in thin-film membranes, nanomaterials, and sensor miniaturization to create the most comfortable bio-sensing wearable device in the world.

Our patch technology can accurately, in real-time and with clinical precision, sense, collect and analyze, data about a user’s physiological state, their movement and activities, and the environment they are exposed to daily.



Track body data with clinical precision.


Customized specifically for you.


You’ll forget you're wearing it.


Your data. Securely share it with whom you choose.


Designed for uninhibited everyday activities.


Truly know yourself.


We're developing new innovative products to address some of the most pressing challenges in personal health monitoring.

We’re creating a whole new category of highly accurate, personal, bio-sensing wearables to empower each of us with the information necessary to enhance our lives.

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